TV & FM Transmitter Monitoring Control Management System

The System using scientific management concept replace the “people-oriented” traditional management mode, it use reliable monitoring equipment and software, assess the operation status of transmitter & room environment objectively and accurately. It will reduce the impact of human factors for broadcasting safety. It will keep accuracy, reliability, safety, reflecting rapidly for system through stable information communication channel (based on 3G or ADSL’s VPN encrypted channel).


On system design, taking SQL_SERVER database for the entire system data platform, all transmitter radio station relevant information and each management modules (alarm; operations; etc.) are working mutual interdependence with the database.


The system includes transmitter system monitoring (signal source; exciter; amplifiers; etc.), power supply system monitoring (standby power supply), integrated environmental monitoring (temperature, UPS, smoke, invasion, air condition, communication, etc.), audio monitor (signal source, open-circuit signal), video monitor, mobile remote monitoring, WEB browsing. When real-time system under anomaly status, it will alarm through voice, optical, SMS, etc and save records. (Alarm limit is adjustable).


Statistical inquiry system includes transmitter, power supply, integrated room environment, communications interruption, room invasion, significant operation, system login, alarm and other data; it can provide real-time running curve and historical running curve.


 Remote Control 


1.Transmitter Monitoring

  • Monitor:It’s monitoring detail parameters from each Frequency and each Transmitter. The monitoring objects are satellite receiver; standard frequency generator; exciter and amplifiers. Details as following:
  • Satellite Receiver: Program name; L+R channel volume level; signal strength; the LED status panel.
  • Exciter: Output power; reflect power; L+R channel modulation; frequency; working temperature; delay time; panel LED Status.
  • Standard Frequency Generator: Panel LED Status.
  • Amplifier: Output power; reflect power; working voltage & current; working temperature.
  • Coaxial Switcher: standby transmitter status.


  • Control:It can adjust Transmitter parameters and Power Supply Switch on/off. Includes satellites program encode and adjust exciter’s parameters like frequency; power; delay time. And it can control the RF on/off; Transmitter on/off; control the coaxial switcher for standby transmitter.


2.Power Supply Monitoring

  • Monitor:It’s monitoring the power supply data, includes single-phase and 3-phase; current and voltage status; remote/local control mode. It can display input voltage; AVR output voltage and equipment current in real-time.
  • Control:It can be forced to keep the voltage through remote/local control, power supply/cut off switcher. In automatic mode, it will switch to power supply when AVR failed.


3.Environment Monitoring

  • Monitor:It’s monitoring room environment status and data, includes room temperature, humidity, and UPS power supply data, and smoking; invasion; air condition working and communication status, etc.
  • Control:Remote/Local turn on/off air condition, set air condition control mode, when air condition is in automatic mode, it will work after power supply back to works, that can keep transmitter working temperature.


4.Audio Monitoring of Sound

  • Sound monitoring is selectable, it can choose multiple-channel audio signal source and receiving audio for remote monitoring, L & R channel or Stereo can be switched for monitoring. This is useful for monitoring broadcasting quality.
  • The receiving frequency is adjustable; it can be used for checking local FM radio broadcasting quality and status.


5.Audio Monitoring of Vision

  • It use column to display multi-channel audio source and wireless receiving audio signal level.
  • It’s an important adjunct for audio signal quality monitoring.


6.Video Monitoring of Vision

  • Real-time video monitoring.
  • Multi-angle camera.
  • Video memory and query. It can provide evidence when broadcasting has security threats.


7.Mobile Phone Management

Mobile phone users are effective after Authorized. You can set alarm time and edit SMS order.


  • Function

(1) SMS alarm when operation system is in abnormal.

(2) Checking main operating parameters, such as room temperature; transmitter power; power supply voltage; etc.

(3) Control the transmitter on and off.


8.Operation Setting

  • System configuration parameters include data acquisition cycle, the memory cycle, time switcher, amplifier calibration coefficients and name coverage point etc.


9. Alarm Setting

It will alarm through voice; light; SMS when system operation is in abnormal.

Set the alarm limited and alarm time.
Alarm function can be set by remote and local.


10.Statistical Inquiry

  • Checking operation data of Transmitter; Power Supply and Room Environment.
  • Checking event data of Communication Interruption; Room Invasion; Major Operating and Alarm.
  • Display operation curve of main data.


11.User Management

  • User accounts generating; authentication; authorization; password changing; user switching; user login and logout; etc.


12.Information Management

  • Manage cover point and the monitoring center network information, and edit scrolling information.


Post time: Nov-25-2020