Radio Encyclopedia Of FM Radio

FM broadcast is a device that transmits broadcasts by wireless transmission. It has the characteristics of no vertical poles for wiring, wide coverage, unlimited capacity expansion, and convenient installation and maintenance. It solves the problems of traditional cable broadcasting wiring difficulties, complicated installation, and poor scalability. For the current large-scale and wide-area schools, FM broadcasting has the superiority that traditional cable broadcasting cannot match.

Application principle


The audio signal collected by the system is modulated to a high-frequency signal of a certain frequency and radiated into the air. The receiving end receives the high-frequency electric wave containing the audio signal. Through frequency selection and amplification, the audio signal is detected by the detection circuit, and then passed Positive, the power is amplified and restored to the original audio signal. This process is the wireless broadcasting system.


Application field


In order to allow students to practice English listening, some campuses have installed small FM transmitters, and each student is equipped with wireless monitoring equipment. High-power FM radio speakers can also be installed on campus. Some factories and mines have adopted multi-point automatic reception transmission in order to transmit instructions in time. Some townships to natural villages have installed FM radio transmitters and installed FM radio automatic receivers and amplifiers in the villages for the smooth flow of government orders and good publicity work. There are many places in life where wireless broadcast communication is used.


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